Our Equiptment


Our LM-60 LoDrill is a versatile rig capable of entering jobsites with as little as 9 feet of track access. It's capable of drilling holes up to 6 feet in diameter and up to 60 feet deep. It can also reach out and drill 13 feet from a stable pad. Whether it's encountering rock, water, from a hillside, or simply on flat ground, this rig gets your job done.



Our LLM-80 LoDrill is the newest addition to our drilling equipment. Here are a few of it's specs:

  • Requires 11' 6" of track access
  • 30' high with auger
  • Can reach out to drill 18' from a stable pad
  • Capable of drilling holes up to 6' in diameter
  • Capable of drilling holes up to 80 feet deep

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